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Posted on July 11, 2012 by in Positively Literary

Lacking self-reliance
I am opportunistic
Replicate madly

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Exist non-cellular
Abhor succor, neither
Gather favorites

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How indemnification vexes—
My aides scurry

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Mass reversal
Syndromic streams
Damaged signs and wonders

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Outcast entity is my name
I exist to reject &
Survival depends on trace

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Clammy spaces, especially
The mind
Come on now…

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Murder me
Kill deceit
Illuminate deficiency &

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I shall go away
Keep my secrets
Loose me on fear and ignorance

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Employ abysmal attempts at my
Eradication &
I shall live forever

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—Cathleen Bailey

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Cathleen Bailey is a fiber artist and writer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Visit her blog at http://cathleenbailey.blogspot.com.

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