February 27, 2015
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Musical Influence Singing since age six, Euro sensation NINA is all grown up, bringing fans to their feet and talking about HIV by Sean Black Photos courtesy Aztec Records Opening for a beloved musical act with a long-established fan base runs its share of risk. In the case of NINA, who opened seven dates for [...]

Just*in Time: January 2015

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Just*in Time by Justin B. Terry-Smith I came across your video on the OraQuick In-Home HIV Test. I took this test three times after my possible exposure. My risk was getting a blow job from a HIV-positive woman from Africa. The whole act was about five minutes with no ejaculation. I took in-home tests on [...]

Determine Your Status

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Determine Your Status Access to the Alere Determine HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Combo test, a fourth-generation rapid test, has expanded thanks to the FDA’s granting of a CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) Waiver. In August 2013, the test was approved for sale in the U.S. to health facilities and labs that are licensed to conduct tests of [...]

Just*in Time: November 2014

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Just*in Time by Justin B. Terry-Smith Justin, Let me ask you something—maybe you can put this in a blog or something…. [Here’s what I want to say to someone I am seeing:] “I link you to [health] services and push you to go, so that you can know your HIV status and get screened for [...]

Got Twenty Minutes? Get Tested.

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The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and Cascade AIDS Project created this PSA to raise awareness about the importance of getting tested, knowing your status and helping end AIDS.

Africa Goal 2014

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Know the Score Uniting a Love of Soccer and HIV Education, Africa Goal Explains Why “Zero” Is the Score It Is Shooting For by Chael Needle Photos courtesy Africa Goal They call it “the beautiful game” because of its simplicity. According to FIFA World Cup commentator and writer Jamie Trecker, soccer (or, football, as it [...]

Just*in Time: March 2014

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Hello Justin, I have seen your Web site and it looks like you are a knowledgeable person about HIV and HIV prevention. I had a possible exposure with another male; I was the bottom partner and condoms were used, but it was my first experience so I immediately got scared. Anyway, I went and got [...]

The Messenger

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Essay by Amy Peters It was 1994. I was a nineteen-year-old college sophomore in Florida; I was also a member of the local ACT UP chapter, and freshly certified by the Red Cross as a pre- and post-HIV test counselor. This was in the days when HIV tests were done by blood draw, and you [...]

HIV Equal

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Status: Equal A New Campaign, HIV Equal, Seeks to Increase Testing and Move the Dialogue Beyond Positive & Negative by Angela Leroux-Lindsey Photos by Thomas Evans Prediction: 2014 is going to be the year of magenta. Facebook and Twitter and Instagram feeds will be colored ecstatic pink, and everywhere, “status” will be reclaimed: Advocate. Congressman. [...]

Just*in Time: December 2013

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Hey Justin, I was date raped and I had experienced what is called oral thrush. I got tested for HIV when I had thrush and the test came out negative. I think it’s a rare strain of thrush. I can’t get diagnosed with HIV, and I’m very depressed and don’t know how often to check [...]