Alina Oswald on Ron B.’s No Boundaries

Alina Oswald, Arts Editor of A&U and a longtime AIDS and LGBTBQ advocate, stopped by No Boundaries: Up Close and Personal, a New York City-based show created by Ron B. to celebrate our journeys through life and coming to voice. Alongside performances by Ron B. and PepC, the show, which is produced by Gloria Messer, offered in-depth interviews with Oswald and actor/producer Adam Davenport. While Davenport talked about his mentorship by and friendship with Oscar-winner Melissa Leo, and how he fine-tuned his creative path, Oswald spoke of her first pull toward AIDS work as a youngster and her passion for photography (both of which intersect in her biography of Kurt Weston, Journeys Through Darkness, which details the photographer’s struggles and triumphs as an individual living with HIV who is legally blind).



To watch past performances, log on to: and YouTube. Also find No Boundaries on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network: Find out more about Alina Oswald by clicking here.