“You cry but harm nothing in yourself.”
—Tony Kushner, Angels in America Part Two: Perestroika

Those tears aren’t real
they’re not from your well
only borrowed and now returned
like rain on a sunny day
noticed but soon gone
not even sufficient to nourish growth.
Go ahead though, cry
return what’s not yours
we can use the water.

Don’t pretend it’s grief
don’t think you really know
don’t tell me of sorrow
don’t mention a word
look elsewhere
with your lamenting eyes
only look at me again
only talk to me again
when the waters come from your well
only when you thirst to drink.

—Timmothy J. Holt

Timmothy J. Holt is a retired geriatric physician who has been writing about HIV/AIDS since his diagnosis in 1988. He has also written extensively as a physician and published in medical journals. Additionally, he has had three plays produced at the Marigny Theatre in New Orleans: Teddy’s Nightmare, Debutante, and Obsessed. Holt has been living with disability since 1997 from increasing complications of AIDS. He lives with his partner in New Orleans.

January 2011

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