Eavesdropper, 1990

Eavesdropper, 1990

Notice his damp curtains as the drafts pass.
He happens upon those topics like need, absently.

His queer kind of alchemy.
A predecessor marked by cashmere scarf, red smear on his neck.

Upon sicker bone, dying bones he piles.
Malicious firebug loose in someone’s distractions.

So-and-so’s lover tested positive!
That harmful sort of rubbish he reports.

—Andrew Demcak

Andrew Demcak is an award-winning poet who has been widely published and anthologized both in print and on-line. His latest book of poetry, Catching Tigers in Red Weather (Three Candles Press, 2007), won the Three Candles Press Open Book Award. His work has appeared recently in The Best American Poetry, Ourorboros Review, Court Green, American Poetry Journal, Juked!, and Pearl Magazine. His Web site is www.andrewdemcak.com.