It’s Not Over: Poetry by Joy Gaines-Friedler

It’s Not Over

The last of the sun
is a silver filament
through the glazed white

elms. Rebirth clings
the way that image
of you—softer now

remains constant.

There is something
of a cure today—still
it’s not over.

This morning I heard
an owl’s love call, persistent
through the hum of heavy traffic.

—Joy Gaines-Friedler

Joy Gaines-Friedler is the author of two full-length books of poetry. Nominated for a Pushcart Prize, her award-winning work has received international recognition and is widely published. Gaines-Friedler won the Litchfield Review Poetry Prize for a series of poems based on the journal of her friend Jim, who died from AIDS in 1990. Joy teaches poetry and creative writing for at-risk communities in the Detroit area.