Man Made Out of…: Poems by Nathaniel Rosenthalis

Man Made Out of Medical Institution
after Brendan Fernandes’ “In PrEP We Trust”

A blue field
I in a blue shirt
two other men
in different blue shirts
walk away
then from
and me

Man Made Out of South Carolina Morning

A plastic trash bag.
My friend
isn’t my lover, nor
is my lover.
I’ll lay on the ground
for the open air
and woodenness.
I plan to.
So to no longer care
can’t happen.
I’ll see.

Man Made Out of Looking at Pictures on a Screen

I see you.
Younger guy
in glossy loafers.
Stinks in here.
With a palm tree.
A washer machine.
Quickie on the lid
to redistribute

—Nathaniel Rosenthalis

Nathaniel Rosenthalis is a poet and critic. His poems can be found in Lana Turner, Denver Quarterly, Conjunctions, The Harvard Advocate and in his chapbook “A Shirt for Today” (Yes Poetry Press.) His criticism appears in Boston Review and The Common Reader. He holds degrees from Sarah Lawrence College and Washington University in St. Louis, where he was the Senior Fellow in Poetry. He lives in Brooklyn and works as a writing consultant at Baruch College and Columbia University.