National Hispanic/Latinx Health Leadership Summit 2020

National Hispanic/Latinx Health Leadership Summit 2020

The National Hispanic/Latinx Health Leadership Summit will convene on Monday, March 2 and Tuesday, March 3, 2020, bringing together leaders from across the United States, from California to Puerto Rico, to draft policies that will impact the well-being of Hispanic/Latinx communities.

Although the Summit will address ten of the health issues faced by the Hispanic/Latinx communities, special attention will be paid to three major issues:

Access to Care: Summit attendees will assess recommendations at the federal level on how to increase/improve access to care and health outcomes for diverse Hispanic/Latinx communities;

Puerto Rico: Attendees will learn first-hand about the health challenges in Puerto Rico, recently struck by devastating earthquakes while still recovering from the ravages of the Category 5 Hurricane Maria in September 2017. Participants will provide recommendations to address the health crisis on the Island and fortify active solidarity from the mainland; and

Prevention: Public health leaders will strengthen focus on prevention, develop federal recommendations to decrease new infections of HIV, and enhance the prevention, testing and treatment of hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), among other health conditions.

The Latino Commission on AIDS is facilitating this summit with the National Hispanic/Latinx Health Leadership Network, providing a national steering committee and planning committee to formulate proactive approaches to the health needs and aspirations of the Hispanic/Latinx communities.

The Summit will be held at the Capital Hilton Hotel at 1001 16th Street NW, Washington, D.C., 20036.

For the Summit’s program and more information on attending and/or sponsoring the summit, visit

—Reporting by Hank Trout

Hank Trout, Senior Editor, edited Drummer, Malebox, and Folsom magazines in the early 1980s. A long-term survivor of HIV/AIDS (diagnosed in 1989), he is a forty-year resident of San Francisco, where he lives with his husband Rick. Follow him on Twitter @HankTroutWriter.