Beauty for a Better World 2020

“The more beauty and positive energy we can share in the world, the better!” That is the clarion call of Beauty for a Better World 2020, a reboot of an established campaign that encourages the global community to champion uplift and positive change by sharing individual takes on beautiful imagery and the heart-centered emotions they evoke in us. With so much going on in our communities, from the COVID-19 pandemic to police brutality, Beauty for a Better World does not want us to fall victim to hopelessness. Though Beauty for a Better World is not HIV-specific, the HIV/AIDS community knows well how empowerment and a sense of agency can strengthen us.

According to its press materials, the campaign is aligned with another global response for the social good: “With this project we support the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, in particular goal number 3: Good Health and Well-Being: during the pandemic, half of the world’s population (over 4 billion people!) is said to be suffering from stress, anxiety and/or depression. We hope to help them feel better by showing real beauty that is accessible to all.”

The campaign is a spin-off of a “creative platform for social change” called Beauty Without Irony ( Started in 2001, the platform responded to a cynical thread running through advertising and fashion images. A central question for artists then became: What does your vision of the world look like if you stop being ironic and treated your feelings with sincerity? The platform bore fruit as an exhibition, a digital platform, and a book, Designers against AIDS: The First Decade.

The Better World Team includes Ninette Murk (creative director BWI), Jens Laugesen (advisor/ editor), Alex Hidalgo (social media manager), Jan Van Mol (Addictlab), Katie Dominy & Alex Brownless (Arts Thread), Carl Navarro (Recess Assembly NYC) and Steve Salter (journalist).

Works of beauty: Franky Claeys; Swartenbroekx; Valérie Servant

Now that the time has come to repel destructiveness with creativity, and dispel social isolation with community, Beauty for a Better World 2020 is putting a call out to artists and everyone with an artistic sensibility: What does beauty mean to you? The works of beauty will be shared via a curated digital platform. Share your vision in your preferred medium!

To participate and for more information, log on to: If you don’t have much time, please mail your work in low resolution (less than 1 MB) directly to our creative director: [email protected], and include your name, title of the work, year it was created and your website (if applicable). Follow the campaign on Facebook and Instagram.