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by Ruby Comer


Tim Braun

Photo courtesy T. Braun


et lover, mega The Sound of Music fan, toiled alongside Mother Teresa in India, someone with hopeless wanderlust (a man after my own heart), outdoorsy guy who’s a beach-and-sun worshipper, crazy about Madonna, binges on Outlander (an epic adventure that’s one of my faves) and…this multifaceted California boy also raises AIDS awareness. Now that’s a person to know!

For over twenty-two years, Tim Braun has been helping others connect with their loved ones who’ve crossed over. I’m fascinated. Since the international medium was seven years old he’s been seeing spirits. The man is passionate about his work, talking with all kinds of populace: celebrities, athletes, and CEOs—and he has clients in twelve countries. Tim has appeared on popular daytime talk shows and The Real Housewives of Orange County—an area where he resides. A vast bedroom community south of Los Angeles, Orange County is the home to the original Disneyland.

The youngest of six children, he grew up with one brother who was schizophrenic. A

Illustration by Davidd Batalon

graduate of the University of Southern California (USC), Tim received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. Before he learned to fully trust his special gift, Tim was employed in various jobs, one being a grocery store clerk and another selling Evian water at Target.

By twenty-one he was doing his first reading, which happened to take place in Hawaii. At one point he wanted to be a talk show host, so nearly every day he’d park in front of Paramount Studios, Hollywood, manifesting his wish. He finally was hired and about four months into the job, he realized it wasn’t for him. Tim left, and started doing readings at a Torrance (California) healing center. Herr Braun’s mentors are James Van Praagh and Robert Brown, citing them both as teachers.

From Tim’s website:

“[My] desire [is] to heal those with grief of loss…. [I] believe our love is the link that allows us to connect with those on the other side. [Many of my clients] have had their lives changed dramatically, and have been given hope that there is a place of beauty and joy that exists at the end of our lives on this earth…love doesn’t die, but is taken to this place called ‘the other side.’”

Okay, what a heavenly vision! I’m drawn to the idea, but a skeptic. Though…I am open to possibilities.

In 2015, Tim authored a book, Life and Death, which was published in the United States and other countries too. In the tome, Tim shares client’s stories of healing, his own journey, and his sage advice of learning to love unconditionally (a tough one for moi).

As with the spirit world, Tim lends a hand to other pathways as well, such as the AIDS epidemic. Being gay, he learned early on about the disease. In the mid-nineties his partner was a medical doctor who specialized in HIV. Being on the frontlines with his partner, Tim was surrounded by those who were living with HIV and those who died from AIDS-related causes, including a family member. Tim also works with the homeless food bank and PETA.

Tim’s current partner of twenty-three years, Kevin, an occupational therapist, and Tim have volunteered for AIDS events through the years. In the early 2000s, they applied red ribbons to celebrities’ lapels, educating them about AIDS awareness before they entered onstage for various award shows, like the Emmys and Country Music Awards.

Skyping with Tim today, I discover more than I anticipated. The man is forthcoming, engaging, and well, delightful. At one point, I ask him to describe himself in one word and he counters with “authentic.”

Ruby Comer: Greetings, it’s nice to see you. [He nods. Tim looks as though he just freshly stepped off one of those brawny fireman calendars.] Okay mister, let’s get right to it: What happens after we die?!
Tim Braun:
[without hesitation] Within the first seven seconds, Ruby, you have your life review and in that life review you see all the good and bad you have done, and you judge yourself on the life that you lived based on that life review. [He leans in.] When anyone crosses over, Spirit, Spirit guides, and Family, greet you. However, when a person passes over unexpectedly, those on Spirit side do not see it coming, and so they might not be there immediately to greet you, because they did not know you were crossing over. No matter what, as long as you lived a good life, then you will always be greeted by loving energy.

Gee, that calls to mind the Christmas movie, It’s A Wonderful Life, where Clarence the Angel interrupts George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) from leaping off a bridge in the freezing blizzard-y night. [His face is lit by a light smile.] Tim, when did you first hear about the epidemic?
I was a small child living with my family in Whittier [California].

Photo courtesy T. Braun

Okay. Not far from Los Angeles. How did you educate yourself about the virus?
My first partner was an AIDS doctor for Pacific Oaks Medical Group in Beverly Hills.

Yes, yes, I know others who were patients there. Listen, by the time you came of age sex could kill. How on the Lord’s green earth did that play out?
Being brought up in a very religious household, and having two parents who were ministers for the Catholic Church, swayed all of those emotions away from me.

Uh, huh, okay, I see. Hummm. How old were you when you first got tested?
I was in my early twenties and even though I had nothing to worry about, I was very afraid because…I was afraid of the unknown.

I get it. So many of us are fear-based. If there is indeed a “devil,” which I don’t believe there is, that demon is fear. Share a story about someone you lost to AIDS, Tim.
[He props his elbow on table and gracefully puts hand over mouth.] Victor, who was one of my closest friends, died from it. [Tim clears his throat and continues in a downcast tone.] I was with him shortly before he died. Seeing a vibrant healthy strong male turn into be a bag of bones was the most shocking thing I have ever seen in my life.

I’m…so…sorry, Tim. It’s ghastly to go through. How do you deal with an emotional time like this?
I went to therapy for two years.

Therapy has “saved” me more than once! I highly recommend it. What inspires you to give back? Where did you learn these values?
Giving is receiving and I get more joy out of giving, and my parents taught me these values.

Isn’t that spellbinding how that works?! I volunteer, too, because it makes me feel good. Okay…[I whisper]…COVID! [I can see on his handsome face that he already anticipated my question but I ask just the same] What have you been doing during lockdown?
I’ve kept working, Ruby. [He grins in gratitude, his mocha-coffee eyes beam.] I also meditate and exercise four times a week.

Hooray for you. Say, who was your first teen celebrity crush?
Farrah Fawcett! [He shouts in a giddy voice then giggles.]

Spirit circle inside of a client’s home. Photo courtesy T. Braun

Oh my. Iconic. Every girl wanted her hair——even me, in my drab mousy brown! [I tick off descriptions of her hair in a leisurely manner] long… thick…feathered…. curly… shiny…silky… so friggin’ bouncy. What an impact this woman had and also in the AIDS community as well. [I change subjects by quickly, straightening upright, juting out my chin and query] Hey, turning to you, at age seven [keenly alert, Tim follows my every word then serenely interjects]
…I started hearing and seeing Spirits, but ignored it until my early twenties because I thought I was losing my mind.

That must have been torture. I don’t even want to know. [I click my tongue, shaking my head. Ahem.] How old were you when you worked with Mother Teresa in India?
I was twenty-six and I worked with her for a week and a half. Ruby, it was the most amazing experience of my entire life..working with a living saint.

I’m utterly…in awe. Did you ever have any psychic thoughts about the AIDS epidemic through the years?
Yes. I knew there would eventually be a vaccine or treatment and I knew that I would have to be patient to see it come to fruition.

Tell me, Tim, how do we better get in touch with our own psychic abilities?
[His intonation is clear-cut and undemanding] Consistent. Daily. Meditation.

Get spirited at Tim’s website: www.TimBraunmedium.com.

Ruby Comer is an independent journalist from the Midwest who is happy to call Hollywood her home away from home. Reach her by e-mail at [email protected].