After 82 Comes to America

After 82, the 2018 documentary that charts the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s in London, England, will be available for the first time for viewing in the U.S. and around the world beginning on Friday, July 30, 2021.

Filmmakers Steven Keeble and Ben Lord spent five years compiling deeply personal first-hand accounts from long-term survivors who lived at the epicenter of the AIDS crisis in London. The film was initially envisioned as a short documentary film of the kind Keeble and Lord had made before, in which a friend of Ben’s father agreed to talk on camera about living with HIV. As word spread and enthusiasm for the project built, many significant figures came forward and asked if they could take part in the film, wanting to be heard, including Jonathan Grimshaw, Garry Brough, actor Dominic West (who also narrates the film), Jonathan Blake, and Peter Tatchell. Lord Fowler and Dr Rupert Whitaker who agreed to take part in the film to recall their stories exclusively for the production.

Filmmaker Ben Lord. Photo by Florence Akano

In an interview with A&U published in July 2018, Ben Lord said, “Word about our short spread like wild fire and people came forward wanting to share their stories. We decided to turn the film from a short to a feature length. It was like we had unearthed a secret society when people came to us and wanted to talk openly with us about living with HIV. We spent months getting to know these people, building up trust before filming their stories. We shared tears and laughter; we became part of their lives and in some sense a family. We are so proud of them all.”

Reflecting on the documentary’s importance, Steve Keeble

Filmmaker Steve Keeble. Photo by Florence Akano

said, “Over the years, I had pushed the horror of what I personally went through to the back of my mind until I started working on the film. Never again will some of these people share their stories on camera. Thankfully, this moment in history, which was destined to be buried forever, is now ready to be told to generations to come.” The film’s power lies in its simple, straightforward, unvarnished truth-telling.

A large portion of royalties from the film will be donated to the AIDS Memorial & Education Centre to build a lasting memorial and education center for those in the U.K. lost to AIDS.

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—Reporting by Hank Trout