(Billions of years ago)

(Billions of years ago)

Billions of years ago there was a moment (or many millennia) of infinite
density. A massive explosion caused the universe to begin to expand. Your
life, all the pain and joy, curiosity and satisfaction, dreams and
realities, the whole of your being is an integral part of that expansion.

You are part of a whole. As time passed the basic elements of the universe
began to join and form compounds and complex molecules, the result of
chemical reaction and the interaction of energy and matter. More time passed
allowing for the formation of self sustaining process, energy
transformation, and biochemical channels of development.

You are the result of billions of interactions and exchanges ending in the
consciousness you now enjoy. We are aware of no other beings capable of your
level of thought at this time. You are unique and you are not unique in
this. No one shares your worldview exactly. You live within your context,
but, if you like, may look beyond it. You exist in an infinite universe.

The religious give this explanation of the origin of the universe less
credence than that of an invisible man who lives in the sky, who can, but
chooses not to, eliminate suffering.

—d m myles

d m myles is a freelance technophile and writer currently living in the Ohio Valley. Originally from New York City, he has lived all over the United States, gathering experiences and fixing errant computers and networks. He has been previously published in A&U.