Concrete Hero

Photo by Phillip Ruiz
Photo by Phillip Ruiz

The mission: clamber over twelve parked cars and four buses in “Carmageddon”; scale nearly two stories over a mock “Hollywood Sign”; swing over massive mud pits in the “Tar Pit Traverse”; navigate two slides and culvert subway tunnels in “Subway to Nowhere”; and more! Five miles, ten obstacles—participants who raced in the second annual Concrete Hero embodied the determination and support that individuals living with HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles County need to face their day-to-day challenges. Downtown Los Angeles was transformed into a series of fun, gritty obstacles that represented iconic elements and landmarks of Southern California. Starting and finishing at Los Angeles State Historic Park, the timed racers raised over half a million dollars for AIDS Project Los Angeles and its much-needed programs, such as direct care services that help more than 62,000 individuals; the Vance North Necessities of Life Program, which distributes more than 160,000 bags of groceries each year in Los Angeles to those facing HIV and hunger; APLA Dental Services; and the APLA Health & Wellness Center, which offers a comprehensive range of services including prevention programs, HIV and STD testing and treatment, as well as counseling and other programs. After everyone caught their breath, participants and supporters were treated to an L.A.-themed block party, complete with music, beverages, and food trucks.

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