Love Revolution


Empowerment is on extended play. “Love Revolution (feat. QBoy)”—the sweet, soulful uptempo second single from Levi Kreis’s latest album, Imagine Paradise—has gotten remixed, with stunning contributions from Willie Ray Lewis, who produced the original radio edit with Drew Kapner, Day. Beat, Bluetrax, No.Ma.D, Golishevsky, and DeepSoundEffect. A Tony Award-winning actor and singer/songwriter, Kreis combines an old-school musical sensibility with rainbow-funk hip hop for an anthem that rivals the best of Janet and Sylvester and will surely bring people together on the dancefloor and across communities.

Tell Me More: Love Revolution: The Remixes is available in a variety of digital formats, including high-quality MP3 and FLAC, among others. Who Benefits: Until November 4, one-hundred percent of the proceeds of the EP go to Positively Living, a Knoxville, Tennessee-based not-for-profit social service agency that provides housing and care for persons that are homeless and living with HIV/AIDS, mental illness, addiction, or a physical disability. How Much: Fans can bump up the price from $10 and donate what they wish! How to Order: Log on to: or visit iTunes (price is set).