Dirty Needle: Poetry by T.J. Cheverie


Dirty Needle

i had a dirty needle, y’all
it was in my head
it was in my heart.

i was mainlining that
ignorant shit, y’all
the kind they sell from
the pulpits,
you know?
the kind they propagate
in those best-sellers.

so i pulled it out, y’all
i pulled it out
i injected myself
with Knowledge.
i injected myself
with the Truth.
i found it
in the library at
the end of my street.

—T.J. Cheverie


T.J. Cheverie is an emerging Canadian poet living in Pemberton, British Columbia. In 2012, he won the Mayor’s Poetry Challenge in Whistler for his poem “Time.” More recently, he has been published in several literary journals and magazines. He is currently hard at work dreaming and contributing daily to the human story.