“when i want to kiss you, i kiss the ground.” Danez Smith

The language you spoke
from your hospital death bed
unintelligible to the rest of us.
Was it language you learned
from the Baminga Pygmies?
Or Lakota Sioux?

More likely, you created
your own new language.
like the shakuhachi
or your Watermill.

You sang your own lullaby
‘til you could sleep.

—Larry Schulte

Larry Schulte is a poet and visual artist who retired to Albuquerque, New Mexico, after living in New York City for over thirty years. While in New York City, he studied with poet Hermine Meinhard. Since moving to New Mexico, he has studied poetry at the University of New Mexico with Michelle Brooks, Stephen Benz, Lisa Chavez and Diane Thiel. Additionally, he meets regularly with “The Critters,” poets Mikki Aronoff, Amy Beveridge, David Meischen, Scott Wiggerman and Liza Wolff-Francis. His poetry has been published in multiple anthologies and periodicals.