CDC’s #ShesWell Initiative Promotes PrEP Awareness for Women

As part of its Let’s Stop HIV Together (LSHT) campaign, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched a new initiative, #ShesWell, to focus on increasing awareness about PrEP among women and their healthcare providers. The goal, ultimately, is to increase PrEP use among women at risk for HIV transmission.

The #ShesWell resources  aim to educate women about the availability and benefits of PrEP and to encourage women to engage in forthright conversations with their healthcare providers to determine if they should start a regimen of PrEP. The organizers hope to reach such women with both organic and paid social media efforts, and ads on dating apps, digital web banners, digital radio, and video streams.

The initiative’s work with clinicians and other healthcare providers aims to raise their awareness of the use benefits of PrEP as a powerful tool to prevent new HIV infections among women. The goal is to empower clinicians to talk to their female patients about whether PrEP is right for them, prescribe PrEP if appropriate, and provide tools and resources highlighting the CDC’s PrEP guidelines and recommendations, making PrEP services a routine part of care.

#ShesWell engages clinicians through provider publications and professional organization email listservs, a revised CDC PrEP resource kit, promotion of digital advertisements for clinician offices and waiting rooms, and social media advertising. Newly developed resources from the #ShesWell project will be available via the Together site later in 2021.
The #ShesWell initiative initially launched in June 2021 in four Ending the HIV Epidemic in the U.S. (EHE) jurisdictions: Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida; Orlando, Florida; Fort Worth, Texas; and Columbus, Ohio.

For more information about #ShesWell and the Let’s Stop HIV Together (LSHT) campaign, visit: and to find resources and Together partners that support efforts to stop HIV stigma and promote HIV testing, prevention, and treatment.

—Reporting by Hank Trout

Hank Trout, Senior Editor, edited Drummer, Malebox, and Folsom magazines in the early 1980s. A long-term survivor of HIV/AIDS (diagnosed in 1989), he is a forty-one-year resident of San Francisco, where he lives with his husband Rick.