Life Positive

Life Positive Official Book Cover web[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n honor of World AIDS Day, December 1, author, journalist and actor Nicholas Snow is offering a free digital download of his memoir about living with HIV.

In Life Positive: A Journey to the Center of My Heart, the activist shares his story about his journey toward self-discovery and self-acceptance, recovery, and publicly disclosing his positive diagnosis, which came not without disappointment after years of navigating safer sex. He shares his story on paper and in real-life to inspire others to find the power to be strong and to advocate for increased HIV testing.

In a prepared statement, Snow shares what inspired him: “This book is dedicated to the tens of millions of people in the world living with HIV, most of whom do not yet know their status; to everyone who fights for us; and to those who still fear us. My personal mission statement is to honor and express my creativity in a way that makes a difference.”

In A&U’s January 2014 interview, which coincided with the memoir’s release, Snow told writer Alina Oswald about why he stepped forward to add his voice to the chorus of those helping to break down barriers: “The key to the end of the AIDS epidemic and [related] stigma is for us to normalize the experience of having HIV, and embrace people living with HIV, and treat them no different than anybody else.”

The instructions to access your free copy of Life Positive are simple. Download the Kindle App (for Mac or Android) to any Internet-connected, app-enabled smart phone, computer, tablet or other device. Then, any time from December 1–5, 2015 (in any time zone), visit (which redirects to the book’s official page) to download your free Kindle copy.

Members of the media, reviewers, and anyone who wishes to promote the free World AIDS Day giveaway may download a copy early, following the same steps, from November 3–6, 2015. Amazon Prime subscribers may check out the book with their Kindle as part of their membership benefit.


For more information and to listen to Snow’s podcast, visit