A&U Honored by Healthline

Healthline.com, the fastest growing consumer health information website—with 65 million monthly visitors worldwide—each year commemorates World AIDS Day (December 1) by celebrating and honoring “the activists, organizations, and initiatives that are helping to educate and raise awareness about HIV and AIDS in special and meaningful ways” with their HIV Influencers Honors.

A&U: America’s AIDS Magazine proudly announces that it has received Healthline’s 2017 award as Best HIV Feature Website for the year.

A&U is particularly proud to be included in the winning roster that includes Bruce Richman, as Person of the Year [A&U, Dec. 2016], in recognition of his role in the Prevention Access Campaign’s “UequalsU” program, which Healthline named Best HIV Patient Advocacy Organization of the year; Kamaria Laffrey, honored as Best Advocate for Female HIV Health, in recognition of her ten years of advocacy in the HIV community; and Let’s Kick ASS, honored as Best Long-Term HIV Survivors Campaign. Napo Pharmaceuticals’ “Keep Your Pants On… Unless You Don’t Want To” (KYPO) campaign, which raises awareness about the need to recognize and treat diarrhea in people living with HIV/AIDS, was honored as the Best HIV-Related Awareness Campaign. Information about all the winners in these and other categories can be found at https://www.healthline.com/health/hiv-influencer-honors-2017#1.

A&U’s Managing Editor Chael Needle said of the award, “Self-empowerment is the key to effective advocacy and that is what our magazine seeks to showcase through words and images. The team at A&U is thrilled to be recognized in this way by Healthline.”

Healthline is one of the most respected consumer health information websites in the world. “You can depend on us,” their website proclaims, “to provide expert content along with genuine caring. Both of which will support, guide, and inspire you toward the best possible health outcomes for you and your family.” Check them out at www.healthline.com.
—Reporting by Hank Trout