Bed Making After the ER: Poetry by Robert Carr

Bed Making After the ER

if I hold this threadbare sheet
just right
let hot breeze
blow through my open window
and become noon light
I can almost feel the red
locker room

of a twisted towel
on my hock
almost see the nude
boy shock
I cast

if I tuck hospital corners
I can almost believe
there really is no wrinkle
no stain on the cover
my hand
we all fold into cotton

—Robert Carr

Robert Carr is the author of “Amaranth,” a chapbook published in 2016 by Indolent Books. His poetry has appeared in the Bellevue Literary Review, Kettle Blue Review, New Verse News, Radius Literary Magazine, Pretty Owl Poetry, The Good Men Project, and other publications. He lives with his husband Stephen in Malden, Massachusetts, and serves as an associate poetry editor for Indolent Books. He is also Deputy Director for the Bureau of Infectious Disease and Laboratory Sciences with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Poetry, book reviews, and upcoming events can be found at