A Parade

A Parade

I think I may have just experienced
one of the most prophetic prayers ever:
men, women and ladyboy prostitutes
parading down Beach Road
and onto Walking Street,
dancing, and singing, and carrying signs
(written in both English and Thai)
demanding equal access to treatment
for everyone afflicted with AIDS.

To which I said Amen before crossing
the sour milk and piss stenched,
clogged stream-like thoroughfare
so that I could begin my nightly walk
along the sandy seashore, where I listened

to the opening and closing wave doors of the ocean
explain to me of how my solemn cry for help
in seeing the love of Jesus in this crazy-ass place,
was just answered by being shown the face of God.
To which I said Thank You and Amen again.

—Nahshon Cook

Nahshon Cook’s poems have appeared in literary publications, including Spiritual Directors International, The Houston Literary Review, Post Poetry Magazine, Epic Rites Journal, the Origami Poetry Project, Euonia Review, and the Salmon Poetry Anthology Dog’s Singing. His first collection of poetry, A New Beginning, was published in January 2010 by Paper Flower Press and was nominated for the 2011 Colorado Book Award. He has poems forthcoming in Persepolis Magazine, The Splinter Generation, and the Desperanto Press Anthology: Bound By Secrets 2.